Wind directions SW clockwise to W
Best wind direction WSW
Grid reference SO158635
Longitude 3° 14’ 06” W
Latitude 52° 15’ 47” N
Take off altitude 480 m (1550′)
Rating CP
Landowner Mr. Watkins, Vronlace (01597 851343)
Restrictions Stock movements and lambing season
Site fee £2 to Mr. Watkins, Vronlace (SO153631)
Nearest telephone Llandegley (SO140629)
Nearest hospital Hereford


A smooth, grassy WSW-facing ridge with no obstructions. Ideal for low-airtimers and stress-free flying.

Access and parking

  1. From the A44 between Llanfihangel-Nant-Melan and Penybont, turn east in Llandegley next to the phone box (SO140629). Go through the yard of Tynllan Farm, fork left after 400m, left again after a further 250m, then fork right after 500m to Vronlase (SO153631). The designated parking area at the farm is along a short track beyond a bright steel gate in the top left hand corner of the farmyard. Either park here and walk up the face of the hill or (with permission from the farmer) drive up (4WD only). Follow the track, forking left after 100m and then along the base of the hill, up the north side, and along the byway to the top.
  2. From the A488 between Penybont and Bleddfa, turn off south east at the church in Llanfihangel Rhydithon (SO150667), to either park at the end of the road (SO157655) or follow the byway to the top.

Take off

Anywhere on the top.

Top landing

Anywhere on the top.

Slope landing

Anywhere on the slope. Beware of numerous trees and fences near the base of the hill.

Bottom landing

In the designated landing field (SO154636). The landing field can be quite overgrown so a top or slope landing is often preferable.


Beware of turbulence in Fron-las Dingle when the wind is off to the south.

Shepherd’s Tump (SO154653) to the north faces SSW and is a Long Mynd Soaring Club site. Their site guide is online at here

Site map

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