Wind directions SE clockwise to S
Best wind direction SSE
Grid reference SO216636
Longitude 3° 09’ 00” W
Latitude 52° 15’ 53” N
Take off altitude 580 m (1900′)
Rating CP
Landowner Eric Kinsey-Jones, Highbrook Farm (take off); John Hardwick, Bache Farm (landing field)
Restrictions Stock movements and lambing season
Site fee £3 to Eric Kinsey-Jones, Highbrook Farm (SO230624)
Nearest telephone New Radnor (SO212609)
Nearest hospital Hereford
Maps OS Landranger · Bartholomlew road atlas

Description (This site is Closed and under negotiation)

A large, grassy south east-facing ridge.

Access and parking

From New Radnor, drive north east up Mutton Dingle and into the forest. Then, either park by the gate at SO205618, or open the gate (combination 2613, be sure to lock it behind you) and drive up to take off.

George and Katie Barstow at Fforest Farm have a key to the gate, but this must be returned to them at the end of the day.

Take off

Anywhere in the take off field. Be careful of the barbed wire fence behind take off.

Top landing

Anywhere in the take off field. The compression is strong above take off so It is often easier to land on the flatter ground to the west. Do not land in any other fields.

Slope landing

Anywhere in the take off field, but you must not in any other field except the designated bottom landing field.

Bottom landing

“THERE IS NO BOTTOM LANDING AT PRESENT – a new location is currently being negotiated. Please contact Will Barstow for an update BEFORE FLYING”). The landing field is small and slopes steeply towards the stream.


This hill is shared with hang glider pilots from the Long Mynd Soaring Club, who use a different approach and take off. Their site guide is online at

WARNING: This is a thermic site and a large number of the major collapses seen within the club over the past years have occurred here. The take off field /slope is not soarable unless the wind is strong, however, in strong conditions the gullies in front of takeoff can cause the area to become very turbulent. Top landing is not recommended in these conditions. Take care.

Site map

Bache Hill site map