This form will allow you to send a Civil aviation notification procedure -CANP and a NOTAM. This will alert other pilots to our presence during flight planning, particularly useful mid week in Wales, where low flying military jets are sharing our airspace. To put one in fill out the form with your contact details and a valid e mail and send. It should normally be done the day before you intend to fly! A minimum of 4 hours notice is normally required to be effective. It will not be active unless you have had confirmation, and been issued a reference number. When you have been confirmed, please alert other club members via telegram

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SO085527 3° 20’ 21” W 52° 09’ 53” N
SO078517 3° 20’ 56” W 52° 09’ 21” N
SO158635 3° 14’ 06” W 52° 15’ 47” N
Location (site code if applicable, grid ref, name):
Welsh Borders Paragliding Club