Wind directions SW clockwise to NW
Best wind direction SW
Grid reference SO159627
Longitude 3° 14’ 00” W
Latitude 52° 15’ 21” N
Take off altitude 470 m (1550′)
Rating CP
Landowner Mr. Watkins, Vronlace (01597 851343)
Restrictions Stock movements and lambing season
Site fee £2 to Mr. Watkins, Vronlace (SO153631)
Nearest telephone Llandegley (SO140629)
Nearest hospital Hereford
Maps OS Landranger · Bartholomlew road atlas


A grassy west-facing spur. Ideal for low airtimers and stress-free flying.

Access and parking

As for Cowlod. Then either:

  1. Park at the farm in the designated parking area and walk up.
  2. With permission from the farmer, drive up the track from the farm (4WD only). Fork right 100m after leaving the farm.
  3. Approach along the byway from Llanfihangel Rhydithon (SO151667).

Take off

Anywhere on the top.

Top landing

Anywhere on the top.

Slope landing

Anywhere in the take off field. Do not land in any other fields.

Bottom landing



Both Carrog Dingle to the south and Fron-las Dingle to the north become turbulent in southerly winds. Carrog Dingle becomes turbulent in northerly winds.

Avoid being blown back into rotor towards Fron-las Dingle.

Site map

Foel site map