Fforest Farm

Wind directions WNW clockwise to NE
Best wind direction N
Grid reference SO085527
Longitude 3° 20’ 21” W
Latitude 52° 09’ 53” N
Take off altitude 390 m (1300′)
Rating CP
Landowner George and Katie Barstow, Fforest Farm (01982 570406)
Restrictions Stock movements and lambing season
Site fee £2 to George and Katie Barstow, Fforest Farm (SO108540); if no-one is at the farm then try the campsite (SO101534)
Nearest telephone Fforest Fields campsite (SO101534)
Nearest hospital Hereford


The east end of the north face of Aberedw Hill, a huge grassy ridge with room for hundreds of gliders.

Access and parking

From the A481 between Llanelwedd and Hundred House, turn off at SO103537 towards the Fforest Fields campsite. 200m past the campsite entrance fork right and follow the track to park to the quarry (SO097529). Park here (five cars maximum) and continue up the track. Follow the track to the right and and turn right again at the abandoned water tank.

A maximum of two vehicles may be driven up the track to take off.

Take off

In the cleared area by the tree. Lots of bracken.

Top landing

Anywhere on the top.

Slope landing

Not recommended due to bracken and turbulence from trees lower down the slope.

Bottom landing

In the designated landing field west of the campsite (SO102533).


Many club members stay at the Fforest Fields campsite (http://www.fforestfields.co.uk/) .

Do not fly over Ffyonnau Farm (SO093531).