Wind directions S clockwise to W
Best wind direction SW
Grid reference SO089700
Longitude 3° 20’ 16” W
Latitude 52° 19’ 13” N
Take off altitude 400 m (1300′)
Rating CP+10
Landowner Mr. Powell, Cymfaerdy Farm (01597 851253)
Restrictions Stock movements and lambing season
Site fee £2 to Mr. Powell, Cymfaerdy Farm
Nearest telephone SO076074 or Abbeycwmhir (SO054712)
Nearest hospital Newtown


A south-westerly facing ridge.

Access and parking

From the A483 between Penybont and Llanddewi Ystradenni, turn off 2km north of Penybont towards Abbeycwmhir. Turn off at SO078698 to Cymfaerdy Farm. Ask permission from the farmer to either park at the farm or continue along the track to take off, forking left 300m past the farm (4WD only).

Take off

Anywhere from the top.

Top landing

Anywhere on the top.

Slope landing

Not recommended due to turbulence from trees lower down the slope.

Bottom landing

In the designated landing field (SO085697).


Watch out for fences and trees on the south facing side of the hill. Avoid farm complexes. Note rotor from trees in southerly winds.

Narrow lift band.

Site map