Welsh Border Sites Guide

The hills around the Wales England Border can provide some of the best hang gliding and paragliding in the UK. Please use this sites guide to help you choose the most appropriate flying site for your level of experience and the prevailing conditions. All pilots must be members of the Club, so we know who is flying, and can keep you up to date with any issues, and have your details for security and your safety. Membership is only £10 per year.

All UK pilots flying Welsh Borders sites must be members of the BHPA  to ensure that they have adequate third party insurance cover. Visiting pilots from abroad must also be able to demonstrate that they have adequate third party insurance when flying our sites.

Site List

Orange text are hyperlinks
Name State Wind Dir Grid Ref
Bache Hill closed SE-S SO216636
Beddugre Hill open S-W SO089700
Cowlod open SW-W SO158635
Fforest Farm open WNW-NE SO085527
Foel open SW-NW SO159627
Mynd Under review Under review Under review
Radnor Forest Under review Under review Under review
Tremaen open WNW-NE SO078517
Wylfre Under review Under review Under review


Access to Welsh Borders flying sites is often subject to agreements with graziers, landowners, and farmers, and site rules are often introduced to comply with their requirements. Please help us to maintain access by behaving responsibly, and observing site rules at all times.

Using a site

  1. Before visiting a site contact the farmer or landowner listed in the guide to confirm access and permission to fly and to check if any landing fields or access tracks are currently out of use.
  2. On weekdays telephone 0800 575544 to NOTAM the site.
  3. Use only those tracks, parking areas, launching and landing areas specified in the guide or indicated by farmer or landowner.
  4. Enjoy your flying but please follow the countryside and mountain codes. Do not disturb livestock or damage crops and fences. Leave gates as you find them. Do not obstruct gateways and tracks and pick up any litter. If you notice obvious problems such as broken fences, livestock roaming on roads, or loose dogs please tell the farmer at once. It will help him and avoid paragliders being blamed for the carelessness of others.
  5. Carry your club site permit with you at all times and be prepared to show it to farmers or club coaches if asked. Do not argue with landowners. We are their guests and want to be invited back.
  6. Please comply with all regulations and MSRs laid down by the BHPA and the CAA. You must carry adequate valid third-party insurance.
  7. Report and accident/incident as soon as possible. BHPA incident report forms are available from the BHPA These contain detailed instructions on official reporting procedures.
  8. Pay your site fee to the place indicated in the guide. Site fees paid on a personal basis are one of the best means of maintaining good relationships with our farmers and landowners. They are to cover wear and tear on tracks and fields and are payable whether you fly or not. They are currently £2 per head or £3 per head depending on the site but please note that these are under review. Please refer to the relevant site page before flying.
  9. After visiting a site let us know how you got on.